Herbal Tea

100% caffeine-free. Any leaf, root, fruit or flower that comes from a plant other than the tea plant is considered an herbal tea. Herbal teas are often used to aid digestion, sooth allergies, relieve headaches and reduce stress.

Rooibos is one of the most popular herbal tea. It is called red tea because of its vibrant, ruby red color, rooibos (pronounced “roy-boss”) has a sweet, full-bodied flavor without a trace of bitterness. As a source of powerful antioxidants, rooibos strengthens the body’s immune system and contains some of the highest known levels of anti-aging properties of any plant on earth. Rooibos is also known for its ability to replenish the skin from the inside out, promote restful sleep, and aid relaxation. Like green tea, the potent antioxidants in rooibos are believed to fight aging, cancer and heart disease, support the immune system and improve overall health. Rooibos is also recommended for allergies, headaches, skin health, stress, anxiety or insomnia.

African Rose Rooibos

Berry Cabernet

Calming Camomile

Camomile Mango

Chocolate Mint

Cinnamon Orange

Hibiscus Peach

Herbal Detox

Lemon Ginger

Passion Fruit

Rainforest Mint

Serene Dream

Spiced Apple Pie

Sweet Berry Dreams

Spiced Chai Mate’

Vanilla Cream

Berries & Cream Rooibos 

Tumeric Ginger

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